Bonin Islands

Like emerald gems, the lush Bonin Islands sparkle with an indescribable beauty.  Located approximately five hundred miles south of Tokyo, the Islands are composed of over thirty atolls, with only the Chichijima and Hajima Islands open for visitation. Watch whales and other marine animals dance on the Pacific Ocean’s blue stage, listen to the symphony of the birds, or simply have your breath taken away as you sightsee.   Experience the beauty of Japan like never before with a trip to the Bonin Islands.  

Of the Bonin Islands, Chichijima is the largest.  Although the trip to the island is only accessible by a twenty-five hour boat ride from Tokyo, guests to the island are rewarded with a visit to a magical place whose essence can be described as having a likeness to the faraway lands and exotic places of storybooks.  Endemic birds soar through the sky, colorful fauna and lush greenery give Chichijima a splash of color, breathtaking coral and tropical fish add life to a crystalline ocean, and whales dance above and beneath the waves.  Natural splendor gives the Island its primary attractions.  Like treasure found at the end of a long journey, Jinny Beach can only be accessed by hiking along a mountain path for two hours.  However, the trip is worth the time.  White sand dazzles the shore, and diamonds seem to dot the surface of the crystal blue water when the sun hits it.  The beach has the backdrop of lush green mountains, which give Jinny Beach the feel of a secluded cove.  However, Chichijima’s primary attraction is its whale-watching.  Come to one of the greatest shows on earth, and watch as whales give you a spectacular show that you will never forget.  Watch as whales majestically breach the surface of the water or swim with their cubs.

The island of Hahajima, or “mother island,” is the second largest of the atolls of the archipelago.  With a population of less than five hundred residents, the Island has a close-knit, small-town feel that differs from Chichijima.  However, like its larger counterpart, Hahajiman flourishes in natural beauty and offers nearly the same attractions as Chichijima.  For visitors who wish to visit both islands, the Hahajima-maru Ferry makes one-way trips from Chichijima Island to Hahajima for a fee of 4400 yen and docks at Oki Port.   Dining options, shopping, residential areas, and tourist information are all centered here at the Port.  The trip takes about two hours, and departs in the morning and afternoon.   On the northern half of the island is Mount Chibusa.  Standing at four-hundred sixty two meters, the summit, known as Chibusa-yama to the residents, is Hahajima’s tallest point, which can be reached by a hiking trail.  Sunbathe, snorkel, watch a sunset, and breathe in Hahajima’s beauty on the southern coast of the island.  Snorkel over coral gardens and with colorful fish at Minamizaki Beach.  Beautiful, relaxing, and stunning, a visit to the Bosin Islands, whether it is to Chichijima or Hahajima, will be an experience you, or your family will never forget.