Nothing completes your dream vacation or your idea of the perfect place to live than the Maldive Islands.  Where locals are quick to welcome you as family, the  landscape is nothing but stunning, and the best time of your life awaits you, the Maldives offers prospective residents quality living, and is sure to give visitors unforgettable memories that will make them wish they maximized their time in the islands.  In this island nation comprised of nearly two thousand atolls in the Indian Ocean, the sun shines a little brighter, the ocean’s waves seem to shimmer under the sun, and palm trees add a tropical charm.  Locals and visitors enjoy constant sunshine, which means gorgeous beach days and wonderful weather year round.  Romantic sunsets, calm breezes, and picnics, and watching colorful sunsets on the beach will make residents feel like every day is a vacation.  In addition, prospective residents are guaranteed to find their dream homes in the Maldives.  Parcels of various sizes, beachside complexes, and apartments are only some of the living options available for an individual, a couple, or any sized-family to choose from.  Build your dream home on the beachfront with affordable parcels of land to fit your budget, live comfortably in one of Maldives’ apartments, or rent out a guest house.  No matter what living option you choose a life of luxury and comfort that fits your budget awaits you.
The stunning beaches that dazzle the shoreline of the islands make Maldives not only an excellent place to live, but a wonderful vacation spot.  The islands are surrounded by a forest of coral reefs that play an integral part in Maldives’ tourist industry and very livelihood.  Enthusiasts for adventure will marvel at the different corals that give the indigo sea a splash of color.  Dive beneath the waves and enter a magical underwater world of colorful fish and other marine life.  The sight is utterly magnificent.  For an enhanced diving experience, visit the Banana Reef, a dive site in northeast Maldives.  Coral and fish like the Giant Squirrelfish and Bannerfish can be found in the area.  Float along the surface of the clear ocean and allow the sun’s rays to hit you on that hot summer day.  Or, read a book on the white-sand beach under a palm tree, and feel the balmy breeze blow through the leaves while you breathe in the scent of sea salt and listen to the waves meet the shore in rhythmic harmony.  Excellent beaching experiences are always guaranteed for those participants of water sports, like water polo or swimming.  For the curious traveler yearning to learn more about the country’s history, make sure to visit the National Museum or the historic site of Mulee Aage.  In addition, hotels like the Traders Hotel, the Hulhule Island Hotel, and the Central Hotel will compliment your stay by making your time in the islands comfortable and relaxing.  The Maldives has everything you’re looking for in an unforgettable family vacation or that perfect place to live.