Cook Islands

Treasured emerald gems of the South Pacific, the Cook Islands bring to life the lush, tropical paradise found only in storybooks.  Escape to the land of everything exotic, where everything dazzles the eye; the waters glisten like turquoise imbedded with diamonds, the sandy shore shines like precious pearls, and the lush landscapes sparkle with the shimmer of stunning emeralds.  The Cook Islands comprise of fifteen atolls, whose beauty has cast its spell on thousands of tourists who fly to the Islands every year to catch a glimpse of a real-life earthly utopia.  Enjoy all that the Cook Islands have to offer under a clear blue sky and persistent sunshine.  After experiencing this place, you’ll never want to leave.  

Capture the essence of paradise at the fifteen atolls of the Cook Islands, all of which have its own unique treasures and distinct personalities.  Let the magic of this island paradise consume you in the Southern Group of atolls, which consist of nine out of the fifteen islands.  The Southern region includes Rarotongo, the home of the islands’ bustling center.  Enchanting and tempting, Rarotongo’s beauty is still untouched despite its role as the islands’ hub.  The atoll even boasts a worn-down, yet still majestic volcanic pyramid.  Enjoy the atolls untamed on the island of Atiu, and escape to a magical place where your only company is nature itself.  Explore the coral reefs, and listen to the call of the spectacular birdlife that thrives on Atiu.  Discover caves, and treasure hunt for secluded beaches.  Fall in love all over again on the island of Aitutaki, where you and your sweetheart can have your honeymoon or dream vacation amidst everything that embodies a tropical, romantic getaway.  Whichever island you opt to visit in the Southern Group, you’ll surely have the time of your life.  Discover the Cook Islands’ Northern group of atolls, which comprise of six islands.  Like its Southern Group, the Northern islands dazzle the eye and will leave you breathless.  Indulge in everything that you’ve dreamed of for that idyllic vacation on the island of Suwarrow.  It is in this place that hidden natural treasures await for you to discover them.  Or, escape to the heart of the Cook Islands’ pearl industry on Manihiki Island, where you discover the magic of the pearl farms.  Be prepared to be cast under the spell of the Northern Islands.  You’ll never want to leave this place.

For those who cannot resist the call of the Cook Islands, residential complexes of various sizes are scattered across both the Northern and Southern islands.  Paradise will always be right outside your door.  Beachfront homes are available for residents, who wish to live in close proximity to the sounds and sights of the ocean.  Residential complexes are built in an assortment of styles and sizes, so you and your family will be both comfortable and satisfied.  All homes on the Cook Islands are spacious, tastefully designed, and affordable.  When living on an island that boasts such great beauty, you’ll enjoy every minute of everyday while residing here.