Christmas Island

Where the earth, sea, and sky are painted by the colors of endemic species, the turquoise waters shimmer with the brilliance of diamonds, and indescribable beauty unfolds, the Christmas Island beckons both prospective residents and visitors to indulge in the luxuries of an earthly utopia.  Located in the Indian Ocean south of Indonesia, this territory of Australia is accented by everything that is paradise.  Tucked into a distant corner of the ocean, the Christmas Island lacks great human interference, allowing its natural beauty and endemic species to flourish.  A visit to the world untouched will leave you breathless.  Experience the adventures of Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island’s main settlement, where you can snorkel with the Island’s tropical fish.  Travel with your sweetheart to the Grotto, a five-minute drive from Flying Fish Cove that houses a cave with a water pool.  It’s your prime destination for a secluded, romantic getaway.  When driving further away from the settlement, be sure to stop by Martin Point, the Blowholes, and the LB4 Lookout, which provide spectacular views that exemplify Christmas Island’s natural beauty.

To experience the luxuries of Christmas Island everyday, consider purchasing a home on the territory.  Many homes are conveniently located in the Flying Fish Cove Settlement, where the residential complexes range from all levels of luxury and styles.  Some homes have even reduced prices for unbelievable bargains.  Living quarters are artistically styled, each with its own personal flair that makes each residential complex unique.  Some homes are architecturally modern, while others are designed to reflect a rustic simplicity.   There are even residential complexes built near the oceanfront, where you’ll have the luxury of a great beach day right outside your doorstep.  When choosing to purchase a home on Christmas Island, not only are you making a good choice, but an affordable one as well.