Easter Island

Travel to one of the world’s most exotic destinations, and indulge in the mysteries and history of Easter Island, an island territory located in the Southeast Pacific. A small population of less than four thousand residents lives on the island, ensuring that the territory’s natural beauty remains timeless and preserved.  Locals enjoy a subtropical climate, and the pleasures of a quiet, undisturbed paradise away from the busyness of everyday life.  Discover Easter Island, and find your idyllic vacation and dream home.

Visitors to Easter Island have the convenience of staying at excellent bed and breakfasts, like the Residencial Vaianny, Cabanas Christophe, and the Chez Jerome, where your comfort and satisfaction are top priorities.  Tourists can even stay at beautiful hotels like the Taura’a Hotel and the Kaimana Inn Hotel and Restaurant.  Here, your visit to the island will be complemented by five-star hospitality.  Whether you choose to stay at a bed and breakfast or a hotel, the comfort you’ll experience will tempt you to maximize your stay on Easter Island.   While the atoll boasts incredible beauty, its main attraction, its eight-hundred eighty seven statues, called moai, is the star of its tourist industry.  The statues are a must-see on your visit here.  For Easter Island and its inhabitants, the statues are more than just the island’s premier tourist attraction; they are the treasured reminders of their ancestors and Easter Island’s rich cultural heritage.  Built by the Rapanui people between 1250 and 1500, the monolithic human statues carved by rock stands guard at Ranu Raraku, a volcanic crater whose stones were used to build the moai.  Half of the statues were transported from its original resting place at Ranu Raraku to the perimeter of the island.  While half of the statutes stand at Rano Raraku, visitors to the island can also find them at Ahu Tongariki and the Rapa Nui National Park.