Thailand Islands

In the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Siam lie the islands of Thailand, hundreds of atolls that have become popular tourist destinations for their breathtaking beaches and tropical charm.  Although the islands are popular with the tourists, the Thailand Islands have much to offer to prospective residents.  A mix of spectacular sights, clear waters, and thrilling water sports make the Thailand Islands one of the best places in the world to have your next dream vacation.  Hundreds of islands make up the Thai atolls, but a handful of islands in particular draw thousands of visitors to its shores.  On the island of Koh Chang, white sandy beaches grace its shores, and luxurious hotels are scattered across the area to compliment your exotic vacation.  Watch a colorful sunset on Kai Bae Beach on the west side of Koh Chang, or watch a sunrise at Than Beach.  Make a path of footsteps in the sands of the beautiful Klong Son Beach on the island’s northern coast.  Snap photographs and listen to the soothing sounds of Koh Chang’s majestic waterfalls, like Than Mayom, Klong Nonsi, and Klong Nueng.  Have a swim at the base of the waterfalls at Kiripet and Long Plu.  Another premier tourist destination of the Thailand Islands is Koh Samui, which boasts spectacular beaches and beautiful views.  Be sure to visit the island’s Chaweng Beach, where clear waters wash against a white-sand shore.  Witness beauty untamed on the Similan Islands, a group of nine atolls that have been ranked as one of the ten loveliest places on earth by Skin Diving Magazine.  Dive beneath the waters and be awestruck at the coral reef gardens, which light up the ocean with their splashes of color.  Snorkel beneath the waves and enter a magical underwater world of exotic fish, or watch as sea turtles lay their eggs on shore from November to February.  Soak up the sun on the picturesque beaches of the Phi Phi Islands where visitors to the area can partake in an assortment of water recreational activities and enjoy the island’s pristine beauty.  No matter which island you decide to visit, witnessing beauty like never before will always be a part of your stay in the Thailand Islands.  
There is no better place to look for a home to live in Thailand than on its Islands, particularly on the island of Phuket, where prospective residents will always feel like they are on an exotic vacation.  Homes of various sizes are available for sale or for rent.  Townhomes and detached homes are only some of the options available for individuals looking for a home in Phuket to choose from.  Some residential complexes even have swimming pools for residents who wish to experience relaxation privately rather than go to the tourist-filled beaches.  Rest assured that you and your family will live comfortably and luxuriously when living on this island paradise.  The opportunity to purchase your own private island is also available to prospective residents.  Islands like Koh Kram and Koh Som provides a private paradise where your relaxation is completely undisturbed.  With beauty so indescribable, the islands of Thailand have become one of the world’s most premier tourist destinations.  However, the islands also offer its residents more than it can offer its visitors – the opportunity to live in paradise all year long.