South Pacific

Scattered across the waters of the South Pacific are tiny tropical utopias that await your arrival.  Escape to some of the world’s most beautiful natural luxuries.  Let all your senses indulge in nature’s finest works, as you listen to the soft hum of the blue ocean as it envelopes the waiting sparkling shore.   Hear the sounds of the wind as it ruffles the palm trees and blows through your hair.  The sounds of paradise are truly nature’s symphony, and visitors and locals to the South Pacific islands add to the music by walking through the crunchy wet sand and whistling to the tunes of the islands’ traditional music.  The atolls of the South Pacific are gateways to paradise.  It is here that dreams become realities.   

Escape to the atolls of the South Pacific, each with its own personal flair and unique treasures that are easily accessible to both residents and visitors.  Experience the unique ways of life, take part in different cultures, and uncover varied rich histories in every island nation you find yourself drawn to.  Travel to American Samoa, a United States territory, and experience the luxuries of a beauty often overlooked.  Let the pleasantries of its picturesque panoramic views take your breath away.   Discover the mysteries of Easter Island and visit their world-renowned statues that depict monolithic human figures.  Or, travel to the islands of Fiji and backpack through tropical rain forests.  Fly to the Cook Islands, where an earthly paradise and indescribable natural beauty unfolds, or have your honeymoon on the shores of Christmas Island.   Each South Pacific island is an oasis of natural wonder where every sight and sound will take your breath away.  The islands share the commonality of friendly, hospitable people.  Yet, they diverge on their ways of life, culture, and history.  Each has its own distinct personality, and different adventures wait to be discovered on your trip to one of the islands.  

Tantalizing, the islands draw thousands of prospective residents to its shores every year from different parts of the world.  However, these visitors share one thing in common:  the desire to live in one of the world’s most pristine and magical paradises.  Fortunately, the islands have an abundance of real estate options from which prospective residents can choose from, ensuring that personal preferences on style and budget will be satisfied.  Like the individual, couple, or family searching for a home, the residential complexes on the islands are unique.  Each has its own personalized design.   Luxurious homes with extravagant complements like swimming pools, Jacuzzis, private bathrooms, and walk-in closets are available for purchase by home-buyers that want to add luxury to their life on the islands.  However, simple, yet still beautiful homes are scattered across the atolls to ensure that prospective residents who wish to live away from additional luxuries will be both happy and comfortable.  Homes are situated in a variety of places.  Some are near the beachfront, while others are located further away from the city and more into the countryside.  Prospective residents even have the option of purchasing their own private islands.