Escape with your sweetheart to the world’s most romantic hotspot on the island of Lana’i, Hawaii’s sixth largest island known for its once bustling pineapple industry.  With a population of just over three-thousand people, and its only town being Lana’i City, the island preserves Hawaii’s untouched natural beauty.  The skyscrapers, cars, and heavy tourism of Honolulu are replaced by a quiet, Hawaiian getaway where the only sounds are the balmy breeze blowing through the palm trees, the ocean rushing up against the shore, and the soft crunch of walking through wet sand.  Whether you want to live or visit Lana’i, your only company will be just you, your sweetheart, and the pleasures of a Hawaiian paradise.  

Residential complexes on Lana’i have this country-like, stylistic charm to their designs.  Not only are they comfortable and satisfying to your personal preferences, they are exquisitely beautiful.  Homes of every level of luxury will be sure to compliment any budget.  For a more extravagant lifestyle on Lana’i, some residential complexes are constructed with decadent accents, like a swimming pool on the deck that overlooks the ocean, Jacuzzis, private bathrooms.  The simpler designs of single-sized family homes in Lana’i are just as comfortable and elegant as their more extravagant counterparts.  Townhomes and condominiums provide prospective residents with a completely different living space. The suites are spacious, and the beautiful craftsmanship on nearly every element of your residence will satisfy your stylistic and artistic visions.  Lana’i even offers the option of purchasing a parcel to build that home you’ve always dreamed of.  Construct your new residential complex just footsteps from the beach, among lush greenery, and overlooking some of Lanai’s most stunning views.  Wherever and however you choose to live in Lana’i, you’ll always have the pleasures of paradise, like the view of a stunning Hawaiian sunset, to compliment your living.