Sri Lanka

Located in South Asia in the Indian Ocean near India and the Maldives, Sri Lanka never fails to dazzle the eye of tourists and prospective residents, who come from nearly every corner of the globe to see the country’s natural splendors.  Sri Lanka is surrounded by a brilliant blue ocean, is home to some of the world’s most exotic animals, and prides itself in its rich, cultural heritage that seems to stretch to the ends of time.  Exotic and blissful, Sri Lanka is your getaway for that ideal vacation, or that absolutely perfect place for your new home.  Sri Lanka welcomes prospective residents, whether that may be an individual, a couple, or a family, to share in the island’s quality living.  In the center of paradise is the city of Kandy, an old capital of Sri Lanka located in the Kandy Plateau.  Scenic and dotted with administrative buildings, Kandy is not only a tourist destination, but is a host to an assortment of residential complexes for prospective residents to choose from.  For an escape away from the business of city life, parcels of land are located in North Kandy and can be yours for a reasonable price.  Build your dream home away from the busyness of city life and be surrounded by lush plantations, palm trees, and a pond.  Watching the sun set behind the backdrop of the mountains is the perfect way to end your day.  Or, build your home on a mountain top, where the views are nothing but spectacular.  A colorful sky, majestic mountains against the horizon, and small lakes and ponds is nature at its finest.   Purchase your home on a garden estate, or drive a little farther from Kandy and live a country-charmed life.  Whatever you’re looking for, and whatever idea you have for a dream house, Kandy is sure to have it.  
For prospective residents who prefer to live seaside, the cities of Colombo and Galle have excellent real estate options.  The city of Colombo is Sri Lanka’s largest city.  However, it offers homes to prospective residents away from city life.  Beautiful homes with spacious rooms are located just a short walk away from the beach.  Residential complexes come in a variety of sizes, so rest assured that your family will live comfortably and luxuriously.  Like Colombo, the city of Galle, located approximately one hundred twenty kilometers away from Colombo, also offers prospective residents a taste of quality living.  The capital of the Southern Province, Galle thrives with activity and beautiful homes for home-buyers to choose from.  Some homes are built in the middle of the rainforest, while others are located in close proximity to the beach.  Parcels of land in the Galle area are often located near the water so prospective residents can build their homes seaside and always have a magnificent view of the ocean.  

A great real estate market isn’t the only factor that draws crowds to Sri Lanka every year.  The country is home to some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and exotic wildlife.  In addition, pristine landscapes, festivals, and the opportunity to escape from the hustle of life and enter paradise draws thousands of tourists to Sri Lanka every year.  Dip your feet into the waters of the country’s most beautiful beaches, like Pasikuda and Kalkuda, Weligama to Tangalle Bay, Hikkaduwa, and Marissa.  Meet the terrifying, yet majestic tigers of Sri Lanka, or watch the Asian Elephant bask in the heat of summer.  The Blue Whales and the Sperm Whales glide beneath the waters of Sri Lanka’s clear beaches.  The scenic sights of the country and its wildlife are truly a sight to behold.   With beautiful homes and so much to offer, Sri Lanka is the perfect spot to find your dream home or your dream vacation.