Fiji Islands

Travel to a place where your troubles melt away and the long-awaited peace of mind greets you.  Where your dreams come true, Fiji is an island nation located in the South Pacific that boasts spectacular natural wonders.  Majestic waterfalls, sparkling beaches, and a lush landscape beckon to you, and the resistance to their calls is impossible.  Allow yourself to take in all that Fiji has to offer you, and you’ll never want to leave again.  Discover the island where your dreams are; discover Fiji.  
Fiji’s tourism industry is fueled by the thousands of prospective residents and visitors who travel to the nation every year for a relaxing vacation, a honeymoon, or to shop for homes.  With the vibrancy of its culture, spectacular views, and many adventures, it’s no surprise that people choose Fiji as their number one spot for a vacation or a prospective home.   Visitors to the island have the opportunity to spend their days in five-star hotels, where they’ll be treated with the warm hospitality of the locals.   While in Fiji, tourists will find an assortment of activities to partake in.  The island nation abounds with an assortment of attraction, landmarks, and thrills that will make your stay here an unforgettable one.   The big-city adventures lie in the capital of Suva, the home of approximately half of Fiji’s population.  Explore the city’s landmarks while satisfying your curiosity of Fijian history and culture.  Browse through the collections of the popular Suva City Library, and marvel at its architectural design taken from colonial style.  Visit the Fiji Museum, or shop for fresh fruits and handicrafts at the Suva Market and the Municipal Handicraft Centre.   In the city of Nadi alone, visitors can snorkel beneath the waves, partake in a cruise, visit the village of Navala, or explore the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple.  Get lost in the bustle of Viti Levu, where adventure and discovery are always part of the experience.  Complement your stay in Fiji with “you” time at a spa.   Go shopping, golf at the Natadola Bay Championship Golf Course, explore the Naihehe Caves, or participate in various water recreational activities, like swimming, fishing, and even whitewater rafting.  

For those desiring a permanent escape to Fiji, consider purchasing a residential complex on the island, where you can experience paradise everyday.  Whatever your dream home is, Fiji is guaranteed to have it, no matter what level of luxury you desire.  Live near the convenience of the city, where you’ll always be in close proximity to Fiji’s attractions.  Beachfront homes are also available for purchase.  Wake up to a beautiful sunrise over the ocean everyday, and watch the moon glisten over the surface of the water at the close of your day.  Luxurious seaside complexes are accented with additional luxuries, like swimming pools and palm trees.  Escape to your own private island, where the extravagance of paradise beckons only to you.  Know that your relaxation and privacy will never be disturbed.   Whichever living style you prefer, you’ll be happy, comfortable, and satisfied in Fiji.