Cancun is an international tourist destination in the southern portion of Mexico. Cancun is situated on the coast of Quintana Roo, and is routinely recognized as one of the top vacation attractions in the nation. Cancun, which translates to mean either “nest of snakes” or “place of the golden snake,” was originally inhabited by Mayans during prehistory. Cancun was drastically changed, along with the rest of the nation, by the arrival of Spanish explorers and colonists in the sixteenth century. The area around Cancun remained largely uninhabited until the year nineteen seventy, when the government of Mexico began to change the land from plantation fields to a resort area. Before the region was widely known, the beaches of Cancun were an exclusive destination for the country’s elite. Some remnants of Cancun’s ancient history remain near the popular tourist sites, including Las Ruinas del Rey, which are found near a number of hotels. Other notable sites in the vicinity include El Meco, Coba, and Muyil, which are found just a short drive away from the city of Cancun.

By far the most important sector of Cancun’s economy is tourism. Millions of tourists from across the world, especially the United States of America, travel to Cancun during any given year, especially during spring break. Many visitors come to Cancun simply because of the fantastic scenery and beautiful setting of the island paradise, but there are many other draws in Cancun as well. Cancun has an active nightlife, ranging from crowded night clubs to traditional dancing establishments Cancun is close to the Nichupte Lagoon, making it just a short drive from one of the country’s best places for jet skiing and boating. The National Marine Park of Cancun is located offshore, and is one of the reasons why Cancun is immensely popular among scuba divers and snorkelers. Although Cancun is accessible by boat, Cancun is most immediately accessible by way of the Cancun International Airport, which sees more than ten million passengers every year. Cancun has great weather throughout the year, technically classified as a tropical wet and dry climate. A typical temperature for Cancun is the low eighties Fahrenheit, although the temper occasionally ventures into the low nineties.

Cancun offers residents and visiting academics educational activities in addition to work class tourist attractions and lovely weather throughout the year. Specifically, Cancun is home to a number of public schools in addition to the Instituto Tecnologico de Cancun, the Universidad La Salle Cancun, Universidad Tecnologica de Cancun, and a number of other colleges and universities. Another top Mexican tourist destination, Isla Mujeres, is just a ferry ride away. Similarly, Cancun’s airport serves as a gateway to a variety of other vacation destinations and historic sites on the Yucatan peninsula, many of which are related to the area’s ancient history. Of course, the beaches of Cancun are perhaps the main reason why the area attracts so much interest. The lovely white sand and clear blue waters are a great destination for not only swimming but also sunbathing and just relaxing in paradise.