Make your escape to one of the world’s most disregarded getaways, where flora and fauna flourish, the panoramic views of volcanoes and lakes are always breathless, and the food will leave you satisfied and craving for more.  Escape to Nicaragua, a Central American country that is bordered by Honduras and Costa Rica.  A population of nearly six million people calls Nicaragua their home, and they warmly welcome tourists and prospective residents to share in their country’s cultural passion for poetry, music, dance, delicious cuisines, and the beauty of the country’s unique geography.  With the Central American Volcanic Arc running through the country’s terrain, majestic volcanoes and lakes dot the landscape.  Volcanoes run from Nicaragua’s northwestern point to the island of Ometepe, which were formed by Lake Nicaragua volcanoes. Some of the volcanic cones are even filled with crystal-clear water.  Nicuaragua is also the home of beautiful lakes and rivers, which include Lake Nicaragua, which is joined to Lake Managua.  When purchasing a residential complex in Nicaragua, your home will always be surrounded by stunning views and indescribable natural beauty.

The real estate market in Nicaragua teems with large and affordable parcels and beautiful and spacious homes.  Purchase an oceanfront home, where the waters are like crystal and the sand sparkles on the shore like diamonds.  With your home just a few footsteps away from the water’s edge, you’ll experience the relaxation of an exotic vacation everyday.  For prospective residents to Nicaragua who would opt to live a bit further away from the ocean, homes of various sizes are also available for sale or for rent.  With various styles, sizes, and levels of luxury, you are sure to find a home that satisfies your personal and budgetary preferences.  For a living experience like no other, consider purchasing an island off the coast of Nicaragua.  Located just approximately three hundred meters from the home country, this island off the coast of Bluefields, Nicaragua is an excellent investment for prospective residents who desire a secluded, private, and exotic paradise.  
Parcels are sold at unbelievable prices, with many having their original prices reduced.  
Some lots are in walking distance toward the beach, while others are nestled on the hillside to give its owners a stunning view of the ocean and mountains.  

In addition to being constantly surrounded by the country’s natural splendor, residents will always have access to Nicaragua’s attractions, thrills, and adventures.  For the outdoor enthusiasts, go fishing in Lake Nicaragua, or go trekking through the rainforest and encounter some of the country’s most exotic plants and animals.  Other adventures await in Managua, the country’s capital city.  A thriving metropolis located near Lake Managua, the Managua thrives with many opportunities for exploration. Visit government buildings, like the National Palace of Culture, where you can explore a museum that features an assortment of artifacts and artwork.  Enjoy the nightlife, and dine at some of Nicaragua’s delicious eateries and restaurants where you can indulge in the ethnic cuisines.  Whatever adventure or thrill you’re looking for, you’ll be sure to find it in Managua.