San Andres Island

San Andres is a small coral island found in the Caribbean Sea, with a total area of about ten square miles. San Andres has a current population of approximately seventy five thousand residents, and is considered a part of the nation of Colombia. Physically speaking, San Andres is situated closer to the nation of Nicaragua despite its political ties to Colombia. San Andres is a relatively flat island, with its highest point measuring in at less than three hundred feet above sea level. San Andres has a fascinating history, including a number of ties to pirates and privateers, who frequented the island for decades. San Andres was first settled by the British, although they were first explored by the Dutch and the Spanish. After a brief period of Spanish control, San Andres became a part of Colombia, although a number of nations contested control over the archipelago.

San Andres is partially ringed by a coral reef as well as a series of smaller islets, which are hotspots for both marine and terrestrial flora and fauna. San Andres is a stop for a number of Caribbean cruise lines, and also boasts a series of beautiful white sand beaches. The island is a hot spot for recreational activities and water sports such as snorkeling, diving, and boating. San Andres sees great weather throughout almost the entire year, with the average temperature hovering between about seventy nine and eighty four degrees Fahrenheit in an average year. Although San Andres traditionally had an economy based on fishing and agriculture, it has since transitioned to a more tourist and service industry oriented economy. Some notable attractions on San Andres include San Andres Bay, La Piscinita, La Laguna, and El Cove.