Central America


Located on the North American isthmus is Central America, a geographic region consisting of seven spectacular countries, each with its own distinctive personality and culture.  The seven Central American states of Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Belize, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Honduras teem with unforgettable adventures and thrills.  However, the countries are known for their stunning natural splendors, which draw visitors and prospective residents alike to its shores.  Make your escape to gardens that abound with colorful and lush flora and fauna, take a dip in some of the region’s most renowned beaches, or find yourself breathless staring at stunning panoramic views.  Although Central America has become a popular tourist destination, the region offers prospective residents so much more:  the opportunities to purchase your perfect home for unbelievable prices and live amidst beautiful countries and cultures.   

Real estate in Central America boasts an assortment of homes, apartments, villas, condominiums, and parcels to fit your personal preferences. Homes are built beautifully, with each one having a unique artistic touch to it.  Every level of luxury, personal artistic and architectural preferences, or the size of any family will surely be satisfied by the residential complexes or parcels that Central America has to offer.  Escape to Costa Rica, a small-sized country that touches Nicaragua to its north and Panama to the south.  Residents enjoy tropical weather, dazzling beaches, numerous attractions, and beautiful homes.  Costa Rica’s North Pacific, Central, and Southern regions give prospective residents the luxury of living near some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, with seaside homes always affordable, spacious, and spectacular.  It’s an excellent place to consider living for retirees, a couple, or a new family.  Great beachfront homes can also be found in Panama, El Salvador, and Guatemala, where you’ll always have great beach vacation experience just footsteps away.  To the north of Costa Rica is the country of Nicaragua, Central America’s largest country.  Like its neighbor Costa Rica, Nicaragua offers prospective residents an assortment of real estate options from which to choose from, ranging from parcels of land to seaside homes.  Nicaragua’s unique geography is its biggest luxury.  The majestic Central American Volcanic Arc runs through the country, giving the Nicaragua spectacular views of volcanic cones, streams, and lakes.  The sights are nothing but breathtaking.  

To the north of Nicaragua is the beautiful country of Honduras.  Seaside homes, complexes surrounded by rainforest and waterfalls, condominiums, and villas are some of the residential options from which prospective residents can choose from.  Always luxurious and affordable, homes in Honduras will surely satisfy the personal preferences for your dream home.  Another great place to look for your permanent home is Belize, Central American’s most northern country.  With its way of life the result of the fusion between different languages, ethnic groups, and cultures, Belize thrives with diversity and uniqueness.  The homes in Belize are always affordable, tasteful, and stylish.  For the ultimate luxury living experience, consider purchasing a private island off the coast of the country, where your privacy and relaxation will never be disturbed.