Treasure Island Florida

Treasure Island is a small, primarily residential city located on the western coast of Florida in Pinellas County. Treasure Island has a total population of roughly seven thousand five hundred residents, and covers a land area of more than five square miles. Treasure Island is almost entirely flat, and much of the incorporated city is actually standing surface water. Treasure Island was originally inhabited by Timucua Indians, who first arrived in the region about fifteen hundred years ago. The first European explorers to discover the island were Spanish treasure hunters, specifically Panfillo de Narvaez, who arrived in the year fifteen twenty eight. Large scale settlement of the island did not occur until the early twentieth century, while rapid growth began in the second half of the century. Treasure Island has a fascinating marketing history as a result of the questionable tactics that local investors used to attract settlers to the residential community.

In the year nineteen fifteen, home builders planted and then pretended to discover two large wooden chests, which they then reported were filled with treasure. The marketing campaign, while morally suspect, gave the island its current name, and also resulted in a surge of interest for the island’s residential properties. Treasure Island is a popular retirement and vacation hotspot, boasting such notable residents as famed baseball player Babe Ruth, who maintained a winter property on the island. In addition to residential properties and tourist attractions, Treasure Island is home to a popular downtown district, which offers a number of shops, bars, and restaurants. Treasure Island offers some of the best beaches in the state of Florida, including shimmering waters, great weather, and bright white sand.