Travel to the distant corners of the world and discover Belize, a small, Central American country bordering the Caribbean Sea, Mexico, and Guatemala.  With beauty untouched and the adventures always thrilling, Belize is the premier destination not only for an exotic and relaxing vacation, but for quality living.  

First-time and returning visitors to Belize are always in awe with the country’s beauty.   English is widely spoken, and United States currency is accepted nationwide.  Belize’s tourist industry booms with an assortment of recreational activities, attractions, landmarks, and natural splendor.  The city of Belmopan is Belize’s capital and administrative center.  Educational opportunities, tourist attractions, and government buildings are scattered across this grand city.  Ethnic diversity and cultural fusions give Belmopan its unique personality.  On your adventures in the city, make sure to go horseback riding at the Banana Bank Ranch, or explore the Crystal Cave and the Aquacate Lagoon Reserve.  For even more adventure and exploration, visit Belize City, the former capital of Belize and the country’s largest city.  Where the weather is always sunny and there’s something to do for the entire family, Belize City is another tourist attraction in itself.  Get up close and personal to some of Belize’s native animals at the Belize Zoo, a twenty-nine acre facility where guests can meet and learn more about the country’s exotic animals.  Or, participate in Cave Tubing with Belize Jungle Trek, an attraction that gives visitors the chance to explore Mayan caves.  For history enthusiasts, visit the Museum of Belize, where you can examine artifacts and exhibits, like an early stamp and a jail cell.  It’s a great place to learn more about the country’s rich past. However, the country’s main attractions are its pristine beaches, like Dangriga, Punta Gorda, and Caye Caulker, which exemplify nature at its finest.  Dip your feet into a clear, turquoise sea, or walk across the soft stretch of sand and leave footprints in your path.  Lie on the beach reading a book, or take a nap underneath the trees.

For the opportunity to wake up in a faraway paradise everyday, consider purchasing a residential complex or parcel in Belize.  If your dream is to build your dream house near the beach, parcels located just a short walk from the seashore are available for purchase at reasonable prices. Paradise will always be a few minutes away from your front door.  Homes in Belize are always tasteful, luxurious, comfortable, and affordable.  Choose from an assortment of residential complexes, villas, and condominiums to fit your level of luxury, size, and budget.  No matter what style of living you choose, you and your family will be satisfied.  However, for an unforgettable and absolutely luxurious living experience, consider purchasing your own private island from the Belize atolls.  Where beautiful coral reefs flourish under a turquoise ocean, the sun always shines, and a paradise is truly yours, the Belize islands is a excellent place to live. Dive, surf, or wind sail, and build your home where no one will disturb you.  The islands are excellent investments and wonderful places to live.