Saint Geroge Island Florida

Saint George Island is an oblong barrier island located in the north Gulf of Mexico near Apalachicola Bay. Saint George Island is considered a part of Franklin County, and is just a few miles away from the towns of Apalachicola, Carrabelle, and Eastpoint. Access to the island is generally by a four mile bridge traversing Apalachicola Bay, although there also limited access by boat. Saint George Island is about twenty eight miles in length and between one and two miles wide depending on the cross section. Saint George Island has a small but highly exclusive population, with typical property prices exceeding one million dollars. Saint George Island has a constantly changing population, with the number of residents shifting depending on the time of year and many property owners choosing to rent out their residences during the tourist season.

Although the island is known for being peaceful and relatively quiet, Saint George Island is home to a number of small stores, boutiques, bars, and restaurants in addition to the gated residential section of the island. A sizeable portion of Saint George Island is dedicated to Saint George Island State Park, which is a popular location for recreational activities such as fishing, hiking, and bird watching. Many visitors and residents spend time in the state park camping or simply enjoying the biodiversity of the preserve. The original inhabitants of Saint George Island were most likely Creek Indians, who were eventually replaced by European settlers, namely John Forbes and Company. After serving as a practice range and port during the Second World War, Saint George Island became the quiet park and exclusive residential community that it is today.