Costa Rica

Where a tropical paradise unfolds, and an unforgettable vacation or living experience begins, welcome to Costa Rica, located on the North American isthmus with Nicaragua bordering its north, and Panama bordering its south.  Although Costa Rica draws thousands of tourists to its shores every year, it is also a premier destination for excellent real estate options.  

Properties in Costa Rica range from parcels to residential complexes, from condos to apartments.  Whatever vision you have for your perfect home, Costa Rica can make it a reality. For prospective residents who wish to build their own houses, parcels of land are available for purchase, all of which have panoramic views and affordable pricing. Wake up to a sunrise over the mountaintops, gaze down at the city far below you, or admire the stunning view of the ocean from home.  If you dream of having your house in the midst of nature’s splenodor, with access to beautiful views, purchasing a parcel in Costa Rica is an excellent option.   The luxury of living near the beachfront is also available to prospective residents to Costa Rica, where beautiful, tasteful, spacious, and affordable complexes are plentiful.  Escape to a home just a few steps from the beach, or relax in your own private pool within your complex.  For prospective residents who opt to live a bit further away from the beach, beautiful homes of various sizes are also available for tenants to choose from.  Different touches to each home give each residential complex its uniqueness.  While some homes have salt-water infinity pools, others have stunning panoramic views.   Residential complexes are located near cities and towns for easy access to living necessities and work, while others are located further away to give its residents the option of choosing a home away from the bustle of the city.  In addition, homes in Costa Rica vary in size, so any family, whether large or small, will be comfortable and satisfied with the residential complex of your choosing.  

Beautiful and cozy condominiums in places like the Los Suenos Golf Resort and Marina,
the Jaco Beach Community, and Escazu give the individual, student, or couple comfortable and luxurious living conditions.  With residential quarters tasteful and decorative, condominiums in Costa Rica are excellent investments.  Some even offer additional luxuries, like golf courses and swimming pools.  Like homes, condominiums also come in a range of sizes to accommodate any couple, individual, or family, with some having two bedrooms, and others consisting of four bedrooms.  Although Costa Rica has a number of excellent real estate options for prospective residents seeking a permanent home, there are also a number of affordable and quality rentals for Costa Rica’s annual visitors.  Areas like Central Valley, Guanacaste, and the Central Pacific provide an assortment of vacation rentals to recurrent visitors who are looking for extravagant places to stay for their time in Costa Rca.  Facilities often include golf courses, swimming pools, and beautiful views.  Some villas are located in close proximity to cities for easy access to some of Costa Rica’s attractions, landmarks, and shopping.  Other villas are situated far from the city and into secluded areas surrounded by nature, where you can relax undisturbed.