Tiki Island Texas

Tiki Island is a small island community located along the Gulf Coast of Texas. Tiki Island has a total population of about one thousand permanent residents, and covers a total area of about one and one third square miles. Tiki Island is considered a part of Galveston County, and is currently governed by Mayor Phillip M. Hopkins. Tiki Island is a relatively new incorporated community, and was unincorporated before being officially recognized as a village in the year nineteen eighty two. Tiki Island is an exclusive and expensive community, with a median household income approaching ninety thousand dollars and a consistently high per capita income. Tiki Island has its own city hall, police station, and fire department, although it relies on Galveston’s post office and other municipal facilities. In terms of educational opportunities, half of the island is served by the La Marque Independent School District, and the other half is a part of the Hitchcock Independent School District. The entire island is offered educational opportunities by the College of the Mainland, although there are also a number of other post secondary institutions in the surrounding area.

Tiki Island and the rest of Galveston County is known state wide for its high quality medical facilities, including the seven hospital University of Texas Medical Branch and the Mainland Medical Center, located in neighboring Texas City. Although much of Galveston Island was devastated by the turn of the century Galveston hurricane, the area has since recovered and diversified its economy to focus on health care and tourism as well as finance and commerce. Tiki Island offers great sunset views and is just a short drive or boat ride from the unspoiled beauty of the Gulf Coast. Many surrounding islands and communities are popular spots for water sports and other recreational activities, hosting large concentrations of native flora and fauna that make the area popular among eco tourists.