American Samoa

Hawaii isn’t the only island chain in the Pacific that sparkles with natural picturesque panorama.  Welcome to American Samoa, a beautiful, yet overlooked United States territory nestled in the distant corners of the South Pacific.  Part of the Samoan Islands, American Samoa has a population of nearly sixty thousand residents, all who enjoy the essence of the vibrant culture and rich heritage of their homeland.  Visitors and residents to American Samoa enjoy long walks on the shores of clear, turquoise waters, sunshine under a bright blue sky, and the view of majestic mountains that tower into the heavens.  Whether you are looking for an exotic tropical vacation or an excellent place to live, escape to American Samoa.  Paradise calls for you here.  

For residents and visitors to American Samoa, an abundance of thrills and adventures await their arrival.  Escape to the shores of Ofu and Olosega, twin islands that are part of the Manu’a Group.  Tempting and pristine, both Ofu and Olosega are one of the world’s most beautiful, hidden treasures.  Discover the tantalizing call of the ocean, and dip your feet into its blue waters after walking barefoot on the sandy beach.  Here, nature takes over your senses and transports you to your exotic, dream vacation.  For another excellent beaching experience, be sure to visit Larsen’s bay.  Located at the end of a challenging hike, the Bay rewards its weary travelers with its refreshing, pristine shores that teem with colorful marine life.  Catch one of American Samoa’s most panoramic views of Pago Pago Harbor by canoe, with tours conducted by the American Samoa Association of Paddlers.  While on your tour, feast your eyes on the majestic Rainmaker Mountain and the historical Breakers and Blunts Points.  American Samoa even offers an abundance of attractions for curious historical enthusiasts.  Tour the grounds of the Maugaoalii Government House, the home of American Samoa’s top administrator:  its governor and First Lady.  Explore Tia Seu Lupe Park, a stone structure that was once used for the pastime of catching pigeons.  Or, visit the Jean P. Haydon Museum, where you can discover an abundance of historical artifacts.  

The culture of American Samoa is both vibrant and unique, and locals warmly welcome you to share in its way of life.  Wear the customary Samoan clothes and indulge in delicious ethnic cuisine while you are entertained by the Samoa Fiafia Night Show.  Here, you are entertained by the traditional Fireknife dance.  Do some shopping at the Fagatogo Marketplace, where you can purchase goods ranging from delicious fruits and fresh-cut flowers, to souvenirs to take home to remember your time in the islands.  For unbelievable bargains on U.S. goods, shop in Tafuna, Fagatogo, and Nu’uuli.  No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find it in American Samoa at the best prices.  For an unforgettable religious experience, take part in the service at a local church on Sunday, where devotional melodies fill the air.  An unbelievably good time awaits you here in American Samoa. It is truly a vacation that you will never forget.